Rahi Ketan Patel
Mechanical Engineer ~ Tennis Athlete ~ Piano Enthusiast


Featured Work

Monkey Made: YouTube Channel

Monkey Made is a passion project I started working on. It's a YouTube Channel I started of videos on how particular technologies work. In addition to explaining the technology, I do my best to integrate an interesting story related to it. Click on the image on the left to visit the channel!

JoVE: Publication

This is a video article published in the Journal of Visualized Experiments about the work I did with Dr. Megan Leftwich. The publication explains how to build the Robotic Sea Lion Flipper I made. The project below is the continuation of the work I did in this publication. Click on the image on the left to see the publication!

Sea Lion Foreflipper: GWU Senior Design Project

This foreflipper is the result of my senior design project and is one of the most successful projects I worked on in college. It was a continuation of a research project I developed from scratch. My team and I won the award for best senior design project in mechanical engineering. Click on the image on the left to find out more!

The Magic Red Pill: Posted on CMU "Science Non Fiction" Blog

I wrote a science article for one of Carnegie Mellon University's student run blogs and received a lot of positive feedback about it. Click on the image on the left to read it!

The Most Boring Thing You've Probably Never Heard Of: Posted on CMU "Science Non Fiction" Blog

This is the first article I wrote for CMU "Science Non Fiction" blog. The entire article is centered around a really cheesy pun but hopefully you can still enjoy it. Click on the image on the left to read it!

Disney's Imagineering Competition 2017

This is an extracurricular project my college friends and I worked on for a competition hosted by Disney. The prompt was to design a space on campus for people in your college community to hang out and relax. We had to present the idea in 8 slides. Click on the image on the left to see what we came up with!

The Underwhelming Storm

This is a creative writing piece I wrote in a writing course my freshman year of college. It was one of the first peices of my writing that I actually enjoyed writing. Click on the image on the left to read it!

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Hello everyone and welcome to my website! My name is Rahi Patel. I grew up in Vineland, NJ and currently go to school at CMU in Pittsburgh, PA. My main loves in life are mexican food, science, and being creative, in that order.

I made this website so I can keep track of all the projects I've worked on over the years, and show them off at the same time! Please click through any of the projects that interest you and do not hesitate to contact me!